Patti Wahlberg

Director & Instructor

As Director of WWTT, Patti is excited to have recently joined the ranks of instructors, and is now presenting a forty-five minute tutorial in all certification review classes on highly effective study strategies that ensure success — to rave reviews! When wearing her Director’s hat, Patti is responsible for all administrative details including marketing, scheduling, accounting and program coordination. She also provides the coffee, snacks and goodies, and plenty of sideline cheering for your success! Patti has had many years of experience in managerial and business development positions within service, sales and marketing industries.

When not traveling with WWTT, Patti studies and teaches Tai Chi in Long Beach, CA, and Cabot, VT. She is also an avid writer and has had a number of poems published, most recently in Kiss Me Goodnight, edited by Ann O’Fallon and Margaret Vaillancourt, and Solace, in So Many Words, Ellen Beals, editor. Patti earned her BFA in writing at Goddard College in 2018, and her MFA in Fiction & Literature from the Bennington Writing Seminars in 2021.

Check out Patti’s blog to read about all the fun stuff she and Eric are doing in Vermont! Lots of cool pictures, too. The Way to the Clearing


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