Operations Consulting

In addition to the courses listed elsewhere, WasteWater Technology Trainers (WWTT) provides operations consulting. WWTT makes a sharp, but subtle, distinction between process control and troubleshooting: Process control is staying out of trouble, troubleshooting is getting out of trouble. Advocating a science-based approach to wastewater treatment, WWTT prefers that operations focuses on process control rather than troubleshooting. Only when a wastewater treatment plant is in control, can it be optimized. To this end, WWTT embraces the following wastewater treatment plant mission statement in performing all of our operations consulting work: To remove pollutants from the incoming water while complying with all permits—water, air and land—and convert them to safe, disposable biosolids as sustainably and cost effectively as possible.

Ratepayers foot the bill not only for the day-to-day operation and maintenance (O&M) activities, but also for the construction of the plant’s infrastructure. Capacity of a wastewater treatment plant is a function of how much concrete the engineer puts in the ground and, just as important, how the maintainers maintain it and how the operators operate it.

It is never too early to insert operations into any wastewater treatment plant design; indeed, the sooner the better. Operations is vital in every stage of a project’s lifecycle: planning, pre-design, detailed design, construction, commissioning, on-going operations and maintenance, and decommissioning.

Operations consulting services offered include, but are not limited to (call and ask if you don’t see it here):

  • Operations audits (how is your plant being operated?)
  • Operability reviews of Master Plans, Facility Plans, Pre-design Reports, Detailed Design Reports (30%, 60%, 90%, final), etc.
  • On-site training
  • Startup assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Statistical process control techniques
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