Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment

The book is not just about activated sludge. The book’s chapter titles speak to the breadth of subjects covered:

  1. Chapter 1—Introduction
  2. Chapter 2—Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment Overview
  3. Chapter 3—Primary Clarifier
  4. Chapter 4—Aeration Basin
  5. Chapter 5—Nutrient Removal
  6. Chapter 6—Secondary Clarifier
  7. Chapter 7—Anaerobic Digester
  8. Chapter 8—Data Validity
  9. Chapter 9—Optimization

Wastewater treatment plant operations is a necessary and noble profession.

Although viewed, unfairly, by most of the public as merely plant attendants, wastewater treatment plant operators are the heroes that stand between a city, town or industrial plant and a beloved river, lake or ocean. In the U.S., most of what is passed on to operators as knowledge is based on the “Sacramento Manuals,” which, for the most part, are a treatise on the art of wastewater treatment operations as it was practiced in the 1960s when the science of wastewater treatment was in its infancy. With wastewater treatment plants becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated and the societal and environmental consequences of plant failure becoming more dire, the need to educate operations professionals in the science of wastewater treatment is absolute. Eric’s book Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment: Process Control and Optimization for the Operations Professional, published by DEStech Publications, Inc., aspires to fill that need.

The book is based on WasteWater Technology Trainers’ very popular Advanced Activated Sludge class attended by hundreds of operators across the country over the last ten years. Central to the material presented both in the book and the class is the following personal mission statement:

“The mission of the operations professional is to remove pollutants from the incoming water while complying with all permits—water, air and land—and convert them to recyclable biosolids as sustainably and cost effectively as possible.”

The Foreword is written by Mr. Biju George, Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering at DC Water. Eric met Biju when he was at the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. The book The Goal plays a prominent role in the discussion in Chapter 9. Biju originally recommended the book to Eric.

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Your ratepayers or stockholders will be delighted. This book will change the way you operate your plant.


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