Eric J. Wahlberg

President & Primary Instructor

When it comes to experience, expertise and a true passion for educating operators, no other trainer in the wastewater industry comes close to Eric Wahlberg, operator, engineer, and Ph.D. rolled up into one high-energy, dynamic presenter, having given workshops and presentations extensively at WEFTEC, CWEA, OWEA and many other conferences and venues. His Math for Operators was a highly attended offering at the Tri-State Conference for more than six years. The Water Environment Federation awarded Eric its 1995 Eddy Medal, given for outstanding research, its 1997 Gascoigne Medal, given for making a significant contribution to operations, and its 2007 Morgan Medal, given for making significant contributions to solving operations problems. Public Works identified Eric as a 2008 Trendsetter for the activated sludge process control and performance tests he has developed over the years. He has written and presented extensively and is a nationally renowned expert in primary and secondary clarifiers and activated sludge process control. Having worked extensively at agencies all over California for going on 30 years, Eric very likely has first-hand knowledge of the workings of your plant.

Eric’s long awaited labor of love Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment: Process Control and Optimization for the Operations Professional is now available for purchase! CLICK HERE to order your copy today!

In Eric’s off time he is a Vermont gardener/farmer extraordinaire, and an accomplished guitarist, having played in the Clemson Jazz Ensemble in graduate school.

Visit Patti’s blog and read about all the fun stuff he and Patti are doing in Vermont! Lots of cool pictures, too. The Way to the Clearing


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